The late 1900s, released children from the work world with labor reforms and social reforms in the United States and around the world . Richard Clevidence being one of these children, experienced these days of early school years similar to many other children, with a sense of hope and wonder about the massive world. No one could have seen this healthy, young man’s life change so early for him. In high school, Clevidence became injured while diving at a party and from then on used a wheelchair. Nothing could bring his spirit down though, after attending his beloved Medina High school, Clevidence further studied at Kent State University and went on to receive his masters’ degree from Ashland University. Especially in a time when more people were able to go to college, not just the upper class of the United States.
There he shared his passion of teaching and coaching for 25 years with all around him. Having no children himself, he considered all students his children and staff his extended family. His legacy still lives on in the high school today through his memorial scholarship for seniors as well as being a member of the Medina County Sports Hall of Fame. As we can see, the school system has been greatly influenced by Clevidence’s accomplishments and determination to thrive in life as he wants all who come after him to spend their life.



John Clevidence talking about his brother

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