With Medina's massive population growth, there were a lot more people living in Medina. "Hair is always growing," says Don, and with all the new people moving to medina, that means a lot more hair to cut. A barber shop supplier called Hershey's barber shop the second buisest barber shop in Northeast Ohio. The first busiest has nine haircutting chairs, while Hershey's only has four. The chairs date back to 1926, from another barber shop in Medina that is no longer in business.

What attracts so many people to such a small building? What causes so many people to line up in order to get their hair cut here?

Don gave two reasons for this. One is that there is a lot of convienent parking nearby. This allows to accomodate the large numbers of customers. The other reason is that hair is always growing, and with so many people living in Medina, that makes a lot of people who will need their hair cut. With so many people needing a hair cut, that brings business on its own.

But there are other reasons for Hershey's large number of customers. Don doesn't cut hair all by him self, he has help from his employees, some of whom happen to be his family. And from reviews, customers love talking to Don and his employees. Don has nine barbers in the family. "A very hairy family," he said.