Porter's Shoe Repair on 137 W Liberty Street is a rare jewel of the businesses in Medina's square. Shoe repair is an uncommon trade today, as only about 10,000 exist nationally. This number is also declining; however
Porter's is a thriving business today, and it had lasted over 50 years. Phyllis Porter learned the trade of shoe repair through family, and continues to do a broad range of repairs as well as shoe shining.
Porter's first started out as an Ice Cream shop on the square. The business didn't do so well and later turned into a card dealer shop. The shop ran for a little while but then closed down. In 1954 Porter's Shoe Repair was created and the business started. It was started by Robert Porter. His son (Herbert Porter), and wife (Phyllis Porter),are currently maintaining the business and continuing his work. Herbert Porter was attracted to Medina by trying to find the perfect spot to put a shoe repair shop. They found the previous ice cream shop and transformed it into what it is today. It has been going for 57 years and on, and they have built a loyal customer base with their expertise and their passion for what they do. They may have been through some tough spots through the times, such as the town threatening to raise rent, but that hasn't stopped them and they (and Porter's Shoe Repair) is here to stay for a long while.