World War II: Ralph E. Waite

December 7 1941, the American naval fleet was attacked by Japanese air bombers and that would begin the United States involvement in the Second World War. The Nation started to mobilize for war at a time when the economy needed it. Ralph E. Waite of Medina Ohio, would enlist into the Army shortly after his graduation in 1944. He represents the constant support of the American people to war efforts throughout World War II.

Waite was placed in the 924th Field Artillery Battalion, inside the 99th Division. His division was started on November 15th 1942 and it arrived overseas on September 30th 1944. The 99th Division was the most decorated division of the war. At the end of the war they returned back home on September 17th 1945. The United States had won the war and returned as the world super power. Nazi Germany was stopped, along with the rest of the Axis powers. All of that was made true due to the ultimate sacrifice of so many Americans and their families. Waite returned home to Medina were he is still a resident today. He then entered the family business, the Waite and Sons Funeral home. Waite served on the Board of Education for the Medina City Schools .He has had a school named in his honor. Mr. Ralph E. Waite is one of the most influential citizens inside Medina County and his story represents the patriotism and support of the people in the United States for their country.



Off to war
What was the trip over to Europe like?
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Now in Europe
Where did you arrive at in Europe?
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Beginning of the campaign
Next stop the Coast of France and Paris.
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The 99th division
What role did the 99th play in the Battle of the Bulge?
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Role in the war
What was your role inside the 924th Field Artillery Battalion?
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Next after the battle
After the Battle of the Bulge where did you go next?
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Rhine River Campaign
Ralph and the 99th move into Germany and join Patton army.
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Going Home!
Ralph and his Division were headed home.
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Life after War
In addition to working at the family owned funeral home Ralph is very involved with the Medina community.
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