Sgt. Roy J. Jensik

World War II: an event that defined individuals, nations, and history alike. When Adolf Hitler, a brutal dictator, took over the economically weak Germany, conflict escalated very quickly. Hitler would invade countries he wasn't supposed to, and the world's governments would let him, hoping it would appease him, and set new boundaries, which he would step over again. This cycle continued for a while until Great Britain and France had enough and went to war with him. The United States took a long time to join, as the country seemed divided as to if they should go to war or not. Then Japan, one of Germany's allies, bombed Pearl Harbor, a naval base in Hawaii, and the U.S. responded by joining. For years battles raged on, until 1945, when the United States ended the war by dropping two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

Everyone was affected. In Medina, the townsfolk suffered from the Great Depression like the rest of the country, and World War II brought a new type of opportunity. Many people from Medina and the area surrounding it died during the war: a death toll taken in 1945 shows that sixty-three total people from the county died either fighting or from accidents. Sgt. Roy J. Jensik, a twenty year old man who grew up in Cleveland but moved to Montville Township with his family when he turned 18, was one of those people. A member of the 83rd Infantry Division, the young man was killed in action while in Germany, just ten days away from being in the army for two years.



News article, Sgt. Roy Jensik Killed At Battle

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