Lorenzo Vanderhouf - Civil War Hero

The Civil War, the most vicious war fought on American soil, devastated our country, and brought new freedoms that united the nation stronger than ever. Many people all over the states were drafted and fought for the Union. Lorenzo Vanderhoef represented Medina proudly by volunteering to fight in battles including Antietam. Medina had no slavery laws, so we were a free state (Union) fighting against the South (Confederates) who wanted slavery.
Lorenzo may have gotten influences from growing up in a town with a legendary figure like H.G Blake and how many great accomplishments he had made. Lorenzo gave a first hand account of the war from his own personal diary, straight from the battle lines is where he was broadcasting as his own stories portrayed what was going. At this time Medina was still growing but not only was Lorenzo off at war so war 1,500 more Medinians fighting in the vicious terrain making Medina and the union proud.



Lorenzo's November, 8th, 1861 Diary entry
Being issued supplies at Mechanicsburg. Read by Stephen Vojvodich
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