The Medina Hanging

Dawn was just approaching on July 2, 1863, when the fire alarm in Baptist Church on W. Liberty Street began to sounds. The Coy’s house was on fire and Corydon Shumway rushed to the scene to discover the death of the Coy family. Many in Medina were stunned by this, never had anyone in this small town seen or heard of such a horrific event. This led many people to be terrified wonder who did this. During this time in Medina there was no police force, so the town’s father’s quickly gathered to solve this crime. S.H. Bradley was appointed chair men of the case and chose the member of this committee. At this time they declared a meeting to draw a ballot to see who the leading suspect of the crime. The winner of the ballot was F.F. Streeter; he was the last to be seen that night of the crime. The committee trial Mr. Streeter with little, to no evidence. The only evidence they had was blood stained envelope and that F.F Streeter was by the sight of the crime the night of it.. On November 28 when the trial had come to a verdict; they found Mr. Streeter guilty of murdering the Coy family and order him to death by hanging. It wasn't until February 27 1864 when the death of Streeter was final. He was hung from a tree that is located at the tee of West Liberty Street and West Homestead Street. Although Mr. Streeter was guilty there is no really hard evidence that he really committed this crime. He could have died an innocent man. This story is known as the only hanging in Medina.