Many different cities around the Country continue to show and exhibit a town's heritage, Medina, is one of them. The Public Square and the buildings in the historic district surrounding the uptown park were recognized as the cultural and social center of Medina since its colonizing nearly two centuries ago. Today, the city’s historic center defines the image of the community. Beloved by Medina’s residents, the Public Square is a source of tremendous pride and it has often been cited as a key reason why people choose to live in Medina. The Medina public square emerged in the Victorian time (1837-1901) and were therefore built in the Victorian style. On November 30 1818, Elijah Boardman deeded the public square area of Medina in order to secure Medina as the county seat. Business and residential buildings quickly sprang up along the four streets surrounding the center of the square.

After the fire in 1870, city leaders vowed to rebuild Medina.Victorian era commercial buildings gave Medina’s uptown its unique historic style. During the 1960’s America was going through a phase called modernization. The square was affected by this, the old historic buildings were covered up with a new modern look. By 1967, a group of Medina citizens grew concerned that Public Square about the lost its historic looks. They formed the Community Design Committee (CDC)and worked with many other companies to help bring Medina back to its authentic state. Many different festivals now take place on the Medina Public Square and help people appreciate the history of the square.



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