McJak Candy Company LLC

McJak Candy Company, founded in 1982 by Karen McCurdy and Bill Lonjak, is a story of a company that started out small and has grown astronomically. 1087 Branch Road, Medina, Ohio, has transformed from farmland to a 60,000 square foot factory. Initially, the candy making was very slow and labor intensive, but the help of new technology has made it possible to produce about 250,000 lollipops each day.
When current owner, Larry Johns, bought McJak in 2000 the business was only employing 15 individuals in a space of 9,600 square feet. After many expansions in the past several years McJak has grown to employ 85 full and part-time employees in a space that has grown to be 60,000 square feet.
The growth, however, did not happen over night and took perseverance and determination. The company faced many rough patches early on during the transition from 80% fundraising to only about 10% and 90% retail. Johns did not lose faith in the company, however, and the growth took off during the 2008 recession.
After McJak's 31 years of business it has grown to not only just be nation wide, but providing to multiple countries outside of the United States. McJak supplies its gourmet candy to about seven different countries, but primarily in Canada. McJak now sells lollipops of 25 flavors, fudge, kettle corn, and cotton candy. The company, which began as a very small family business, has grown unbelievably and calls Medina, Ohio, its home.