The year after the 1870 fire, 30 Public Square building was reconstructed. The shop on 30 Public Square has had a very suprising past, mainly because it housed numerous different stores, including: a meat market (S.S.Oatman's Meat Market), a produce shop (The Square Deal Fruit Market), a music store (Lobin's), and it's current shop, The Flower Gallery. All of the shops on the square have had a historically enriching past, which have contributed to how the city of Medina has evolved as a community today. The 30 Public Square location has especially aided in the growth of Medina through all of its past owners and their stores. Each different shop at this location seemed to help contribute to the over all strengthening of the economic climate of the Medina community. Additionally, all of the previous stores seemed to promote unity in the community, bringing the town together for public events and offering fair prices on all merchandise. 30 Public Square has truly been one of the leading buildings in helping Medina to evolve into the thriving, safe and unified community that has been established today.