Medina Machine Shop

Medina residents know 113 West Smith Road as the fine dining restaurant, Thyme 2. What is not commonly known about the building, is its extensive history in Medina. The building was build in a few short days in 1925, and became a machine shop. John Gill and Romey Dreher were the original owners of the building but circa 1946, they passed the machine shop on to Henry Arnold "Bovie" Overholt. The business was best known for its swab rigs.

Bovie Overholt build up the business, and it continued expanding and changing. He began calling it the "Medina Machine Shop." The business focused on improving the swabbing rigs, and by 1970, it became so successful it had to move to a larger location. Bovie and his son, Mark, moved the business three miles south on Rt. 3, where they continued the evolution of the swabbing rig. Bovie and Mark Overholt both hold patents related to gas well production equiptment. Today, the business is massive. It is known as Tiger General LLC, and is still run by Mark Overholt.

When the business moved, it left open a building right off of the historic Medina Square. After extensive remodeling, including adding a staircase and an entire floor, Cana Martini bar opened in the building. After Cana closed down, Thyme 2 moved into the building. It became a hit dual-concept restaurant, that is owned and operated by Medina resident, John Kolar.



Thyme 2 Employee Speaking about the History of the Building
Jennifer Zwick, hostess at Thyme 2, gives information on becoming interested in the history of the current Thyme 2 building.
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Mark Overholt
Mark Overholt, son of the founder of the Medina Machine shop, describes how his father, Henry Arnold "Bovie" Overholt obtained the his nickname.
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