Roscoe Ewing Park

Roscoe Ewing Park was the first frisbee golf park in the state of Ohio at the advent of 1980, three years after the opening of the park. It was the idea of a Californian record frisbee thrower and his father, both close business friends of the developer for the land, to be renovate it for use as a disc golf course. Originally, the course was comprised of 8 holes was seen as a great accomplishment for Medina and those who lived here. The park has been renovated several times since then, including the addition of ten more holes and the reworking of the original eight.

Roscoe Ewing Park got its namesake from the prominent lawyer whose farm was bought and donated by the developer to create most of the park. Due to the lay out of the land next to the railroad, and fact that it was bisected by Champion Creek, and was being located behind Falling Oaks Lake, the place turned out to be far from ideal for development. The frequent flooding in the area made landowners give up portions of their property to Ryan Development, the owner of the parklands. The company eventually came to an agreement with the city to use the land as a park.

The beauty of the land and the popularity of the park explains for the construction in the recent years with the creek that runs through the trail. The trail itself was paid for by a park grant, and the trail itself was finished back in 2005 and has been enjoyed ever since. Other trails were added to the park throughout time, such as bridges, and their upkeep in and around the park was maintained.

Overall, Roscoe Ewing is ideal for a good game of disc golf or for a calm, recreational walk in the local park rich with native species of trees and local natural history. For these reasons, Roscoe Ewing Park should be protected for years to come, so that generations to come can enjoy it like at all those who came before them.



Kaden's childhood memory
Kaden recalls her first time at Roscoe Ewing park.
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