St. Matthew Lutheran Church

Living God's Love. Three words that an entire church, an entire family was founded upon. The Congregation began on Memorial Day, 1936 in Lafayette Township with Rev. Carl Henkelman. As his mother proclaimed, "It is unspossable that there doesn't be a Lutheran Church in Medina." Surveying and paper work began in early June to create a church for the roughly 14 Lutheran families in Medina. Other Lutheran churches in the area and local families pitched in for financial aid, moral support, and design for the building. Originally known as St. Peter's Church, it wasn't until 1940 that they received their charter as St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church. The second pastor of the church, Weldon Bittekoffer, purchased the land where the church now stands.
Just as in any congregation, there have been hard times and good times. But the one quality that St. Matthew unequivocally has is its compassion for each other, community, and world. The church demonstrates its benevolence through the Youth Group that attends mission trips in areas such as New Orleans, Texas, and Detroit, the Steven Ministry, participating in the CROP Walk, and so much more. St. Matthew is more than a church, more than a congregation, it's a family. Keeping this church alive requires dedicated,loving people, and that's exactly what it has. Every day the people of St. Matthew Lutheran Church are making memories and living God's love.



Pastor Thomas Schwartz
Pastor Tom, or PT as the Luther League call him, loves the outdoors and walks with his dog. His wife Sarah teaches cello to many Medina Orchestra students. Here, PT shares his favorite memory from his time at St. Matthew.
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Pastor David Anderson
Pastor Dave is an avid Cleveland sports fan, and is very outgoing and thoughtful. Here he shares two of his favorite experiences at St. Matthew.
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