The Medina Historical Society

The house was built by John Smart, a metal worker, back in the late 1800's. John Smart brought the foundry industry to Medina which greatly helped its economy due to the time period. More families lived in the house after the Smarts who have legacies that live on today. The Baldwin family moved in after the Smarts had moved to Cleveland to be closer to their daughters. The Baldwin family consisted of two loving parents, a daughter, and two mischievous boys. The Baldwin boys were also known for laying the remaining brick roads that are still in Medina. The Baldwin father was the owner and editor of the Medina County Gazette which also meant that his home was the social and political area of the town. The next family who moved in was the Hammerschmidt family. The family consisted of a father who was a florist, two daughters, a nurturing mother, and two sons. One of Hammerschmidts sons, Bill, actually helped invent the color television! Since a young age he showed an interest in electronics by climbing on top of the roof and creating radio signals as well as making radios. So without his thinking, color television may not even exist today. After the Hammerschmidt family moved out, the house was taken by the Medina Eagles. The Medina Eagles is a mens club in which men are able to escape the home life and have some fun. After the Eagles left, Medina county government offices were held in the home until about 1985 when the historical society took its rightful place in the household. Through the families who lived here and the influences they had, the Medina Historical society has picked phenomenal place to house the history of our beloved home. So why do we need a place to hold our history? The answer is that we must preserve this place forever because it will forever preserve Medina.