The History of Studio Knit, in Medina,Ohio is as rich as the history of the town itself. The Medina County Public Square has been a major attraction for people for many years. Its amazing history has astounded many with the shops that cover the square, some stores even date back to before WWII. To understand how the space now called Studio Knit evolved over the years you have to be able to understand the town itself.

The Medina Square has been a source of pride for the county for many years, it brings the whole community together. It is also the social center of the town. Medina, founded in 1818 has one of the richest histories in Ohio. It went from a small town to being named an official city in 1954. The town courthouse, built in 1841, is still standing in the square today. During a period in Medina's history when everyone wanted a new and rapid industrializing town and people thought the town was outdated, the courthouse was being threatened to be torn down. Thankfully, the Historical Society in Medina stopped this from happening. Still, the Medina that stands today was quickly being changed because everyone thought that it was outdated. Once again, the Historical Society put out persistent efforts and the square was restored in 1967 making it the historical attraction that it is today.

Images Courtesy of Medina Historical Society