The Corkscrew Saloon

The Corkscrew Saloon

This building may seem like a simple Victorian style house from one side but when you get a closer look you can see a house that has been converted into an awesome restaurant. It's original purpose however was just a house. Over the years it endured several transitions between different styles of restaurants. It was originally called the Burnham house and then made its first transformation into "Great Expectations," in 1976. After some time it was then bought by an Ex- Lads singer by the name of Connie Cardini who then changed the name of the restaurant to "Penny's Poorhouse" in 1990. After some time the Corkscrew Saloon came into play in 2008. These different restaurants offered several different types of dining but all of which have great stories and put a great sense into Medina.

Buildings like this one are ones that should stay up forever. They are not meant to be turned into shopping centers or torn down for neighborhoods. They represent the cultural change Medina has gone through over the past 130 years. If someone were to ever wonder Medina looked like back in 1880, this would be the first place I would take them.

Besides all the facts about the Corkscrew saloon, one could agree that this place is a major part of what makes Medina as it is today. It is was one of the largest landmarks in Medina for a very long time. It's height even today is still pretty impressive. If I were someone that grew up around this place I would never want it to be torn down because it is the complete opposite of an eye sore. It is a building that is aesthetically pleasing and just an overall interesting place.