Lyman Oatman

There have been many prosperous families that have lived in grown within the limits of Medina county. One of the few families to be here before 1840 happened to be the Lyman Oatman and his family. Back in those days life was much more simple, while the work was always back breaking.

Lyman came to Medina in 1833 from Vermont, it is believed that his soon to be wife came around the same time. The Beans would move in across the street from Lyman, Sallie and Lyman would marry in 1837 then have their first child in 1839. Lyman and Sallie Oatman would have 8 children, only 7 had their health stay with them long enough to see their father die. Lyman was always a farmer but as records show he was a butcher mainly during the winter under someone who owned the 229 South Court Street building.

Lyman's sons were also very prominent within Medina county. They were both soldiers for the nation during the time of war and business owners within the city. Although there are no Oatman's left in the city their building is still standing today.

Lyman would die in 1881, at the time of his death Albert his youngest son and himself own around 80 acres that they farmed. Lyman Oatman was one of the first prominent people in Medina.