Bill Lamb

Upon meeting Bill Lamb the first thing one would notice is his enthusiastic and aspiring personality. All of which are attributes that would make up a great leader for an up and coming city.

Lamb was sworn into Mayor of Medina in 1982, at the age of 29, at the time the youngest Mayor in Ohio. As Mayor he intended to turn Medina into a city for the people. He wanted to bring money into the city along with attracting more people downtown to the square. He saw the beauty of the square and knew the potential it had, so he based his efforts towards making it a place people wanted to be.

He started with helping the CDC, The Community Design Committee, in establishing the buildings on the square as "Historic Buildings". This made the buildings keep their historic look, which makes them unique. To play off the historical buildings he started up the holiday festival to bring more people into the center piece of our community, the square. With the push to start it then has made it continue and turn into a tradition in Medina.

Since he strived to bring people into the square, he needed to bring more money to the businesses on the square. This led him to getting a 100,000 dollar grant, in August 1985, to renovate the rail line. The train line was not a passenger line, it was only used for the import and export of goods. With the rail line, it gave the city an alternative route to bring money and goods into the city. With more goods and money it kept businesses in Medina.

Being elected to Mayor at such a young age may have help him see the actually wants and needs of citizens of all ages. He looked at the need of senior citizens for a new program facility. He helped create the County Human Services Center. This gave them a much needed facility, for the reason that the previous one was inadequate.

With help from an idea of his wife, Elaine, he started a teen program. He saw that there Medina was such a great community but teens had nothing exciting to do.The program consisted of many different activities, but the most popular were the Rock and Roll concerts. This program brought people to the square and Medina. In addition it also gave teenagers something unique to do with the city itself also benefiting.

Bill Lamb was a Mayor for the people, looking at many different aspects of the city and it's people. His contributions as Mayor set the foundation for the city as it is seen today.



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